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3. Sense Of Love

25th October 2023 | 3 Views

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After finishing their lunch, everyone began walking out of the canteen. Nitya discreetly pulled Aniket aside and whispered something in his ear. The others continued on their way towards their hostel room, but Aniket stopped and said, “Hey! Listen, you all go ahead. I’ll catch up with you in a little bit.”

Rohan, sensing that something might be bothering Aniket, gestured to Lucky and Karan to go along with him. Once they were far enough away from Aniket and Nitya, Rohan confided in his friends. “I have a feeling that Nitya must have stopped him. You guys never believe me, but I can sense that something is up between them.”

Lucky, however, reminded Rohan and Karan that it was not their place to interfere in their friends’ personal lives. “It’s their private matter. If they wanted to share it with us, they would have done so already. Let’s wait until they are ready to talk to us.”

Karan, the calm and collected one, agreed with Lucky and urged his friends to hurry along so they could play basketball later.

Meanwhile, Nitya and Aniket had gone to the library. Nitya loved reading love stories, but the section was difficult for her to reach due to her height. Aniket, who was much taller, would often accompany her and help her with the books. 

But this time, Aniket was preoccupied with something else and asked Nitya, “Why do you love reading love stories so much that you end up finishing a whole book within a week, despite having such a busy schedule?”

Nitya replied, “I feel secure after reading love stories. Every time I read a book, my hopes for meeting my special someone increase. Because I also want someone who would be the hero of my life, just like the ones in these books.”

Aniket felt a pang of jealousy and pulled Nitya in between the bookshelves. Standing very close to her, he whispered in her ear, “What do you think about me?”

Nitya was taken aback by his question. Despite having known him since childhood, he had never said anything like that before. She tried to evade his gaze and replied, “What are you saying? You are my best friend, just like Rohan, Karan, and Lucky.”

Aniket, however, was not satisfied with her answer. Just as he was about to press on, someone interrupted them. He quickly grabbed the book Nitya wanted and pulled her out of the library.

Feeling rattled by the sudden movement, Nitya tried to say goodbye and walk away, but Aniket held her hand tightly. “What are you doing? Let me go. We are in the middle of the university,” she pleaded.

“Answer my question first, and then I’ll let you go,” he said.


What would Nitya reply?

To know what happened next. Please stay tuned.

Nikita Rane



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