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My Weathering Heart

25th October 2023 | 11 Views

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I see myself as if I am the weather.

A gush of wind as light as a feather.

Comforting and calm,

But yet so disastrous with little to no warn.

I see my eyes how they pour as if the’re the rain,

Always so glossy and contrast in pain.

Pain from my past, pain from the present.

And all that it builds up is that of resentment.

Pretense is what I live by, a mask to keep them fooled.

Because if I should let my anger out then I’d be cruel.

Wearing a smile that’s as bright as the sun,

Keeps everyone calm and there’s no need to run.

A mind filled with terror and fright is what it hides.

A heart that never rest like the crashing tides.

One that always aches right here on the left side.

Bruises and marks brighter than the lightning of a thunder storm.

They accompany me daily and with this I know that I am strong.

Until one day, when all is fair, 

My clouded mind will still be free of despair. 

At last it’s here my break from all this mess,

Let me put my weathering heart to rest.


Britania Saunders



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