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Lonely souls do live..!!!

Jineesh VijayanLast Seen: Oct 25, 2023 @ 9:39am 9OctUTC
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Ethan lived In the heart of the bustling metropolis, where neon lights painted the night sky and the cacophony of humanity filled the streets. He was an unassuming figure, lost in the sea of faces that hurried past him every day. Though he resided in a city teeming with millions, he often felt a profound sense of loneliness.

Ethan had moved to the city years ago with dreams of success and adventure, and for a while, the city had delivered on those promises. He had landed a job in a high-rise office building, where he worked long hours and climbed the corporate ladder. He dined at trendy restaurants and frequented busy bars, always surrounded by a shifting landscape of colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. Yet, despite the constant whirlwind of activity, he couldn’t shake the feeling of isolation.

It was on one particular evening that Ethan’s loneliness hit him hardest. He had just finished a grueling day at work, racing against deadlines and engaging in superficial conversations with colleagues. As he navigated through the crowded streets, a sense of profound emptiness enveloped him. The city’s pulsating energy, once invigorating, now felt suffocating.

Ethan decided to seek solace in a park nestled in the heart of the city. It was a place that had always brought him comfort, a small oasis of greenery amidst the concrete jungle. The park was still bustling, but in a different way. Couples strolled hand in hand, families shared laughter on picnic blankets, and children played on the swings. The sight of these happy, connected people only accentuated Ethan’s own isolation.

He found an empty bench and sat down, his gaze fixed on the illuminated skyscrapers in the distance. He felt like an outsider in a world of togetherness. The city, once his source of dreams, had become a stark reminder of his detachment from the people around him.

As the evening deepened, the stars began to twinkle overhead, and the city’s cacophony gradually subsided. Alone on that park bench, Ethan realized that perhaps his pursuit of success had led him astray. He had prioritized material achievements over meaningful connections, and in doing so, had lost a part of himself.

Ethan decided it was time for a change. He would start by reaching out to those around him, forging genuine relationships instead of mere acquaintances. He would make time for the friends he had neglected and seek new connections outside the walls of his office. It was a daunting journey, but it was one he knew he needed to undertake.

The city would no longer be a place of loneliness for Ethan, but a place where he could find the human warmth he had been missing. As he walked away from the park that night, his heart was heavy with the weight of his realization, but it was also filled with the hope of rekindling the connections he had let slip away in the midst of his busy life. The stars above guided him forward, reminding him that even in the vastness of the city, one could find their own place of belonging……

Jineesh VijayanLast Seen: Oct 25, 2023 @ 9:39am 9OctUTC

Jineesh Vijayan



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