Is middle Class Full of Hopes ?


3rd July 2024 | 17 Views

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I was going home after teaching in school.I was crossing road,suddenly car stopped for me. I was very happy to see my old friend Mala.

My self and my friend Mala decided to take coffee in near by #coffee house.

We remembered old days when we were in our twenties.

I said “Mala I did not have any problems before marriage.My parents faced  lot of problems.But they didn’t let any problems come to their children’s notice.  I got whatever I wanted. So speaking truth I did not get any #opportunity to learn.Once I got married I felt life has so much to offer just I should learn with interest. My post married life started with below middle class life style. So immediately my brains got some #stimulation to get activated. Some hope ,some struggle to achieve something generated in me.I started thinking What is life if one has no problems? How one would evolve? What is the use of living only with one shade, one taste, one color ? Is there life in that?”

Based on experience of life after marriage I wrote small article entitled#”middle Class” and pasted on notice board of my school.The same I am listing below for my esteem readers on my blog.

After Marriage with great 3enthusiasm I took charge of my below middle class life.

I learnt many lessons

  I Ran..ran.. ran.. ran…. I had  hundred things to do and hundred hopes to fulfill and hundred goals to chase. I realized middle class(MC) people are not fearful or scared to be MC. They are only #frustrated. MC people will not recognize any activity as success, as their main focus is to gain monetary success.Their own emotional, psychological, sentimental values  appear like hand cuffs to them.

I worked hard and harder—

God blessed me and luck favored me

Ah I stared categorizing my self #as upper  middle class—

But what is this—–I am no more same person  I am scared, reserved, restless and frustrated  too to maintain same level, status forever.Fear of losing this achieved  upper middle class position is living with me.

In summary my experience of journey from middle class to upper middle class is following

In middle class(MC) people life ,suppose there are  ten steps to reach a peak of success . While climbing each step they feel so excited.Each step  taken by them is  criticized, dissected, discouraged  by their own people (out of fear and concern on them). They have to travel alone on their new path  if they want to reach the success of upper middle class.  Till they reach certain level, they won’t find anyone in their eye #reaching radius.

 Ah suddenly  when they(MC) reach tenth step climbing one by one–and taste success

 Then what is left after tasting success—-

They(MC) have to struggle a lot to make their own people  believe really they have tasted success. They come down  from place of success  and  sit worrying and praying God  to protect them from losing their position(upper middle class). To maintain acquired upper middle class position, MC people have to compete with the strong world with their weak body and weak background. They(MC) can’t afford to lose a single opportunity.

They have to #conserve literally everything.  Books, clothes, things, water, power, food etc.even emotions and love. .Obvious thing MC people do realize one should not lack in vitamin ‘M’ called #money.

I struggled a lot to make people surrounding me believe that really I have  tasted success.When I wore my first jewellery no one believed it’s gold and I bought it with my hard work. Just because I got down from city bus.


 Middle class(MC) people  must keep their #ambitions,# ideologies,in store room for some time.Sometimes they too need money to express their emotions like love.Love and lover both sometimes have to wait for long time to get entry in upper middle class category.

Moral of Story- for middle class people,  life has its own charm. Full of hope and moral values—–

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986


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