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2. Fun In The Canteen

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Nikita RaneLast Seen: Nov 1, 2023 @ 12:48pm 12NovUTC
Nikita Rane

After the classes, everyone gathered in the canteen to have their lunch. Nitya asked Nisha to sit with them, but she rejected her and sat with the other classmates.

Now Nitya and Aniket sat beside each other, and his friends sat in front of them. They both were enjoying their lunch with their friends.

One of the female classmates approached them, stood near Aniket, and asked for his contact number. All 5 saw her and stopped eating. Nitya was a girl, so as always stayed calm and didn’t utter a word. The same was true with Aniket. He never looked at any other girl. So he looked at his friends to get rid of that girl.

One of his friends, Lucky, was very friendly with everyone. It was his job that if some girl tried to approach Aniket, he would politely help him to reject that girl. So the same happened this time.

Lucky stood up and told the girl, “Hey! You need a contact number. Right? Then write it down. 96…  Anything else you need?” After getting the number, the girl went away.

As soon as the girl went, everyone was looking at Lucky. Then he said, “What Guys!!! What’s with that look? “

“Whose number did you give her? It does not belong to any of us.” Nitya asked.

Listening to this, he started laughing and said, “Ssh! Don’t speak so loudly. I also don’t know that. Whatever came to my mind, I just said it. It was not specific.”

Everyone was surprised and laughed.

“Guys! I want to say something today. I am lucky to have you all. Because of you all, I can relax and stay calm. As you know, these things are not my cup of tea.” Aniket said.

“Hey! Don’t be so formal. We are all your best buddies, so we will always help you. Don’t worry when we are there.” Nitya said.

Everyone finished their lunch and walked out of the canteen. Nitya grabbed Aniket’s hand and whispered something in his ears.


What did Nitya Whispered in Aniket’s ear?

To know please stay tuned until the next part.

Nikita RaneLast Seen: Nov 1, 2023 @ 12:48pm 12NovUTC

Nikita Rane


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