1. A day In The Classroom


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On a Monday morning, everyone was ready to start a new week. After a wonderful weekend, everyone’s mind was fresh to take the new classes.
As usual, Nitya and Nisha were already in the class. The moment Aniket entered the class, all the girls were amazed by his looks, and everyone was just staring at him to their hearts’ content. Because Aniket was a very handsome boy with very innocent looks. All the girls in the class liked him. But he was the only best friend of Nitya and knew his friends. He was very distinct from others. He never looked at any other girl or had a chat. He was always busy with his friends and always hung out with them and Nitya. Nitya was also familiar with his friends Lucky, Karan, and Rohan. So they had a group of 5.
Though Nisha was a friend of Nitya, she was not involved with them. She very often talked to them, as she considered herself more important than others. She only talked with Nitya and some of her classmates.
Aniket’s friends used to sit behind Nitya. Their sitting positions were fixed. Nitya used to sit in the left corner of the middle line in the third row, and Aniket was right behind her in the fourth row. His friends sat beside him.
They used to have fun together. So, as usual, he came and sat with his friends. While sitting, he tapped on Nitya’s head. She also punched him in the hand.
This was a routine for them. They never met formally. Every time they met, one would punch the other, and then the other would also punch in return. It was a way of showing their friendly love for each other.
Seeing them interact with each other, the other girls and boys except his friends used to get jealous of them. Because Nitya too never had any contact with the other boys except Aniket and his friends. So it was very obvious that their friendship was not liked by others.
Soon, the professor entered the class. Everyone was quiet and listening to the professor. But Nitya and Aniket were still chatting in their own unique way. They used to write the messages on the backside of the notebook and pass them to each other. They had a lot of fun doing this.
But after all this, they both were very serious about their studies. Though they used to have fun in the class, they never fell behind in their studies. They were not bookworms but still managed to get either first or second rank in the class. Nobody surpassed them. Always, either Nitya or Aniket ranked number one. If one got the first rank, then the other would get the second rank, and vice versa. They always studied together. Even Aniket’s friends could not surpass their friendship.

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