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Respect-It’s give and take rule

23rd October 2023 | 94 Views

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The urge in us is not only recognition but also respect. The greatest fear in any relationship is of loosing respect. We should cherish our siblings and friends and show respect to our parents, teachers and other senior citizens.  Respect demands some distance. Love cannot tolerate distance. This is the basic conflict in relationship when we are not centered and when we don’t have depth within us, when we are shallow, how can we gain respect? The more someone come close to us the more we fear they will come to know about our fears, our anxieties. Have you taken sometimes for yourself to cleanse your system of negative emotions? Have you taken time off to find your source? We all will not be here in this world forever. We all are visitors and have to go sometimes. The ultimate relationship is beyond time, because we are timeless. Time and mind are synonymous. Time is nothing but the distance between the two events or incidents

There is one thing we can begin today which will start our relationship flourishing immediately, and that is to come from a space of contributing from a space of giving. Giving what? Giving what is needed. Giving time, giving attention, giving help, giving money, giving whatever. Just living with an awareness of wanting to give, and keeping patient, will uplift the relationship. Then we can row any boat. Respect is always earned by the people in this world. This can be earned by being polite, humble, honest trustworthy, helpful person. We must teach our youth to respect everyone irrespective of their class, caste, gender, religion etc.

Dharmendra Bhagat



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