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My childhood


23rd October 2023 | 13 Views

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I grew up way too fast ,                                       My childhood didn’t last                                     From a young age I started hiding my pain,                                                                           Thinking, crying won’t help me gain          

Yes,I understood the problems of my parents.

And., maybe thats the reason why they never knew when I was going through some tough moments 

I still can’t accept the fact that I lost my granny and nan                                                     Yet, I always tried to be a strong woman

 No one really know how or when I suffer     As I make myself look a lot more tougher 

Deep down I am just person who really needs a hug,                                                           I am still waiting for the person who can make me feel snug

I belive in “love can heal”                                     But, love is something I might never feel 

Suhani Arora



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