Mother of Pearls


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Seashells 1337565 1280I was teaching in school. I had fortune of taking my class  to #sea beach.Some of my students have seen sea beach first time in their life.Some students were very happy to see #vastness of sea and water sea waves height.

I sat with my students in safe place in sea beach.It was wonderful experience to be with my students and answering their small queries.Many students were playing with #beach sand .It was unique experience for them.

We were lucky to sea Whales in #marine water.

We did working lunch at beach.Suddenly sky became cloudy.Students noticed that sea wave height also changed.

One of most striking features of beach was #sea shells(Mother of pearl). I told my students most shells come from animal #Mollusks.They have an outermost layers of tissues(mantle) on their bodies. #Mantle creates shell. #Calcium carbonate is main mineral found in #shells(including eggshells). When the animal inside sea shell dies,over time shells break down.They become part of sand. #White beaches have sand made almost entirely bits of shells.These mullusks shell also form real pearls also which we use to form pearl ornaments.

I was o happy to educate my students about #science behind sea shells.

I asked students what message sea give us.

Students gave very creative answers.

I summarize the same below.

Sea is so vast it tells one should be prepared to face vast things in life.

Sea waves height keep varying which shows that our life waves can also be of different height.

Sea is mother of so many different form of #flora and fauna.Which brings oxygen in mother nature atmosphere.

Sea brings diversity in mother nature life.

We must protect all our sea life to bring #richness in our life.

Sea is best gift of mother nature to man kind.

Myself and my students were Ah! when we observed #setting sun on beach.

Moral of story-Friends the shells(mother of pearls) on beach remind us that #treasure arrive in life in form of simple things(sea shells).

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986


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Science of Life and Nature: A Photo Poetry Collection: Sukarma Thareja: 9781521260067: Books

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