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Dependent Woman -Social Stigma

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Sukarma Thareja

22nd October 2023 | 13 Views
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I used to work for an  #IT company. After my marriage for my IT job, I used to travel for office, assignment five days a week. I was loaded with #deadlines. My   salary was #credited every month, and people called me” independent” woman.

After some time, I was blessed with child. Raising child was a big #pleasure for me. I decided to leave my job for few years, to raise my child comfortably.

I used to stay at home. I Worked for the husband and family, #cooked for family. I used to decide what my family members should eat, so that they could have control, over their health and #happiness.I took care of the children. I also monitored their growth, behavior and  education, helped them with  study and life problems, and tried my best to build their overall best #personality. I also managed the expenses  of the house. I was happy with my# selfless contribution to family,


Up to my surprise, people around  me now called me #“dependent”  woman. I got impression that people consider, this path of woman, as something like act of #slavery. Being mother and home maker, I searched the dynamics of same. The fundamental problem here was, people measured ‘being independent’ woman with only# money,

When I earned money, I was named as ” independent” woman. In my opinion  I was not. I was only# financially” independent. After some soul searching I concluded, to start with, marriage is all about being inter-dependent, husband brings in some value, and wife brings in some value to make the, marriage beautiful experience for both of them. This ‘value’ need not be always money, It could be time, service, management, comfort etc.

There is nothing wrong in being a house-husband, or house-wife as long as  partner is okay with it. Being” independent” is just one fancy #imaginative term. A family, corporation, or any #ecosystem sustains, because the people inside are inter-dependent, I wish society understands this basic #philosophy and stop putting label on woman  as “independent” or “dependent” woman, and respect her for her selfless contribution to family, society and nation and name her as #“nation” pride.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986



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