A Talking Mystic Tree

Sukarma Thareja

3rd July 2024 | 8 Views | 0 Likes

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I was asleep.Suddenly small green tree came to me and started talking to me.

Most #astonishing part was that tree was talking to me in form of poem.I  was surprised to see talking tree.

I am listing below a poem which short green tree with small leaves #recited for me.

“I am tree of  average height bearing fruits,

Shining in day light; red- yellow are my fruits;

In #colder region of  country

I grace every house front lawn,

I act as  #sun screen

and  give #shadow green to every lawn.  

I Sustain at little low

 temperature – weather; spring/winter.


I breath in #de Oxygenated air,

With the help of #sun king rays,

And #chlorophyll in my green queen leaves,

  #Photosynthesis reaction takes place,

I breath out #oxygenated air,

To give my country men,

   breath of fresh air.


I bear Fruits full with #iron contents ,

My fruit has #low GI ,and is recommended by doctors,

As part of lunch/ breakfast, for children, #adolescents,

Adults, citizen senior and diabetic patients.


My country men respect  and #protect me,

 They always remember that,

If  they cut my stem,

and  pluck my #raw fruits,

then I –their #favourte fruit,

 tree will be no more,

then #ground water they are getting,

will also be no more.


My country men are proud of me,

I am also proud of them,

Friends you recognized me right, 

When you eat my #fruit a day,

It keeps a doctor away,

Friends I am an Apple Tree! 

I salute and bless all my country men,

 For their kind acts fondly.———“

Suddenly I heard an alarm in my  clock.I woke up  and was confused for sometime thinking may be an apple tree was meditating and in dream I could listen to its #meditating language. I soon realized that the tree talking to me in dream was nothing but an apple tree. I am still not clear how come a tree could talk to me in dream and that too it picked up “a poem form” to talk in my dreams. I must say it was a very good dream as it gave me #mystical experience.


Sukarma Rani Thareja

Associate Professor Chemistry-Retired

CSJM University


Alumnus IIT-Kanpur(1986)

Email-sukarma @iitk.ac.in







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