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A world without stereotypes

Navneet KaurLast Seen: Nov 11, 2023 @ 11:55am 11NovUTC
Navneet Kaur

20th October 2023 | 23 Views
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Have you ever thought about a world where you are not judged for your appearance, for community you belong to, for country you are from, for religion you follow, and for many other such things?

Let’s imagine a place where you are seen for who you are as a person and are not associated with any stereotype. We sometimes tend to jokingly tag a person with a certain pre conceived notion about his or her community which most of the times is just a judgement made famous by a few without any credibility. What we fail to acknowledge in our unawareness is the mental stress, the pressure it puts on a person, when he or she always feels the need to prove the notion wrong and defend themselves. Isn’t it unfair? Even more unfair is the fact that people shape their ideologies on the basis of these stereotypes, rather it is more dangerous than being unfair. The social media era we live in further strengthens these ideologies by showing content based on same line of thought that the viewer once watched either out of curiosity to know about particular topic or by opening a link that their friends or relatives sent them. 
Now as the time passes bigotry sets in and we have ample examples from the past and even from the present of the harm this did to society, to human race.

Don’t you think its high time we move past these pre conceived notions and don’t let our prejudices affect our lives as well as others? 

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Navneet KaurLast Seen: Nov 11, 2023 @ 11:55am 11NovUTC

Navneet Kaur



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