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Loc insecurities

noesha ferrellLast Seen: Apr 1, 2024 @ 6:49pm 18AprUTC

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Loving your own locs may seem harder than loving others at times: 
Here are 10 Affirmations to overcome loc insecurities& build confidence: follow for more <3

1. I acknowledge my insecurities, but they won’t define me.
2. Confidence in my locs grows with each day.
3. I accept my locs as a unique part of my story.
4. I celebrate the beauty of my one of a kind loc journey.
5. I defy my insecurities with every loc I
6. With each loc, confidence blooms like a flower.
7. Self- acceptance is my crown; locs are my jewels.
8. I commit to unwavering self-love through my loc journey.
9. I conquer doubts with each confident step
I take.
10. I embrace the beauty of my locs and the beauty within me.

noesha ferrellLast Seen: Apr 1, 2024 @ 6:49pm 18AprUTC

noesha ferrell



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