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I was teaching science at school.In chemistry class  I showed students bottle of acid.In chemistry lab I did simple experiment and showed students physical and chemical properties of Acid. To make my lesson interesting I taught students how in cooking procedures we do use acids to make food tasty and boost in immunity .To clear  salient points of my lecture I wrote poem entitled “Acid- Equaliser- Immunity Booster” and pasted on notice board of my school.The same I am listing below for my esteem readers.

Acid- Equaliser- Immunity Booster


Sourness—sourness ! in food guys,

It is #conjecturing our faces guys.

Don’t worry dear, sourness is due to me guys.

I am acid,

I contain hydrogen ions,

I am sour in nature friends.

In fruits    lemon and  orange ,

I am acid citric,

In #Tamraid I am acid #tartaric,

 In yogurt I am acid #lactic,

In green apples I am acid  #Malic.


My Sourness in food ,

Is detected by your taste buds friends,

They are present on your tongue-sides.


I(acid) actually brighten your food flavors,

I energize dishes and reduce their  greasiness,

I can reduce  sea food, #aroma   characteristics.

I prevent browning of cut vegetables,

By slowing the enzyme that causes this,

My acidity is measured through scale of #Ph,

Acidity for me (acid) measures in scale 0-7 Ph.


In #Bollywood films,

My image is very bad ,

Sometimes I am used as destructive tool,

 By #villain of film,

But friends for you,

I am actually very good,

My presence in food,

 Make you salivate.

It makes easier for you,

To digest what you eat.


In second wave of Corona,

Which was going on with swing full ,

It was advisable to use citrus fruits,

Acid present in citrus fruits,

Boost immune system to extent good.


Acid you act as  equalizer in my food,

Your place in cooking is like king,

You balance out taste sweet and salt,

You overall prevent any taste,

 Dominate in any dish.


Thank you my friend acid,

For being so nice-kind,

Helping in our immunity boost,

In time corona difficult,

My friend equalizer,

Me and my family salute,

You  respectfully for all you do.

To make our good health..


Dr Sukarma Rani Thareja,

Associate Professor-Retired

CSJM University

Alumnus IIT-K-1986,Ph.D(Chemistry)



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Web site-sukarma thareja

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