When Mr. P Could to Talk


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When Mr. P Could to Talk

In the quaint little town of Bizarreville, there lived a rather peculiar character named Mr. P. Now, Mr. P wasn’t your ordinary resident; he was, in fact, a talking private part – a long, black, veiny member with curly black hair. One day, to everyone’s surprise, Mr. P discovered he had the gift of gab. Yes, you heard it right, he could talk!

At first, Mr. P was thrilled about his newfound ability. He loved striking up conversations, especially with the ladies. However, there was a catch – every time a woman laid eyes on him, she would scream, run away, and inexplicably find herself simultaneously terrified and oddly aroused. It was an absurd sight indeed, women fleeing in a mix of fear and curiosity.

One day, Mr. P, determined to make friends despite his unusual appearance, decided to throw a party. He sent out invitations to all the ladies in town, hoping they would attend and get to know the real him beyond his, well, exterior. The invitations, written in elegant calligraphy, were delivered by a cheerful snail mailman named Speedy.

The day of the party arrived, and Bizarreville was buzzing with anticipation. As the clock struck seven, the doorbell rang, and the first guest, a lady named Alice, timidly stepped in. Mr. P, dressed in a dapper suit, greeted her warmly, “Hello, Alice! I’m delighted you could make it.”

Alice, wide-eyed and unsure of what to make of the talking private part before her, managed to stammer, “Uhm, hello, Mr. P. Nice…party you have here.”

As more women arrived, the scene became increasingly chaotic. Every time Mr. P spoke, shrieks and giggles filled the air, and the party resembled a bizarre mix of a horror film and a comedy show. Mr. P, undeterred by the reactions, continued trying to engage the ladies in conversation, sharing witty jokes and fascinating anecdotes.

Amidst the chaos, a brilliant scientist named Dr. Quirk, who happened to be attending the party, saw an opportunity. She approached Mr. P with a glint in her eye and said, “Mr. P, I think I can help you. I’ve created a device that can change your appearance temporarily. Perhaps if you looked different, people wouldn’t be so scared.”

Excited at the prospect of being able to socialize without causing mass hysteria, Mr. P agreed to the experiment. Dr. Quirk activated her device, and in a puff of smoke, Mr. P transformed into a charming gentleman with a top hat and a monocle.

To everyone’s amazement, the ladies were no longer afraid. They gathered around Mr. P, genuinely enjoying his company, and the party turned into a delightful affair. The once-terrifying private part was now the life of the party, telling witty jokes and engaging in lively conversations.

As the night went on, Mr. P, now in his dapper form, shared a dance with Alice, the same lady who had been terrified earlier. They laughed, twirled, and found themselves oddly drawn to each other. It was a peculiar romance, but in Bizarreville, peculiar was the norm.

The night, however, took an unexpected turn. The clock struck midnight, and just like in the movies, Mr. P began to change back into his original form. The ladies gasped in surprise, and Alice, realizing what was happening, grabbed Mr. P’s hand and shouted, “Don’t worry, Mr. P! I like you just the way you are!”

In a twist that was as unexpected as it was comical, the power of acceptance and love transformed Mr. P permanently. He remained a talking private part, but now he was embraced by the town, and his unusual nature became a symbol of uniqueness and unity.

Ramses Panjaitan



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