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17th October 2023 | 5 Views

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 ” Autumn Autumn”

Autumn, oh Autumn, with colors so bold,
You paint the world in hues, a sight to behold.
Leaves cascade gracefully, in red and gold,
Whispering tales, as your gentle breeze unfolds.

As days grow shorter, and nights turn cold,
Your beauty empowers, a story untold.
With each step we take, on paths of old,
We delight in the crunch, of leaves, so bold.

In nature’s embrace, magic weaves its spell,
Pumpkins on porches, apples we pluck and sell.
The harvest moon rises, our spirits swell,
Around fires we gather, with loved ones to dwell.

Cinnamon fills the air, with its sweet allure,
As we gather together, our hearts feel secure.
Golden sunsets paint the sky, shades of orange pure,
A moment of tranquility, forever to endure.

In your presence, solace and respite we find,
Autumn, oh Autumn, you instill belief in our mind.
As time passes, and seasons unwind,
Under your glow, comfort, not strangeness, we find.

Autumn, oh Autumn, a season for reflection,
A time for appreciation, a heartfelt connection.
Your beauty shall forever be safeguarded,
In our hearts, your essence forever cherished.

Zeeshan Shahzad



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