7 Hacks To Weight Loss Without Exercise in 2022 (100% Working)

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Obesity is a common problem nowadays because it is filled with food that is not good for us. Many people live with a busy schedule so they don’t have time to do exercise.

Not doing any kind of exercise will lead us to gain fat and make us obese. You will start searching on your google maps weight loss center near me, but if you have a busy schedule then it will become impossible to manage your time for your exercise regime.

There are many things you can find on the internet like losing weight by drinking water, losing weight by fasting, and many more but here you are going to find these things in one place.

Losing weight without doing exercise looks impossible but don’t worry. Here, you will find out about how you can do weight loss without exercise.

Steps To Do Weight Loss Without Exercise

Losing some extra weight makes you look good and athletic in front of others. So, here are the steps to lose weight without exercise.

You need to follow these steps properly to get the maximum benefits. Read till the end of the post because there are some points you need to follow along with these steps.

Hack #1 Make A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

When you have a healthy lifestyle there is no chance that you gain fat and become obese. There are many things that will make your lifestyle healthy and help you to do weight loss without exercise.

So, here are major points that will help you to make a healthy lifestyle. You must follow these carefully because they are easy but very important for your weight loss journey.

Hack #2 Sleep 7 To 8 Hours Everyday

Sleep 7 To 9 Hours

Sleep 7 To 9 Hours

 Sleep 7 To 8 Hours[/caption]

Most people think that diet and exercise are the only important thing in weight loss. Research had proved that less amount of sleep slows your weight loss speed.

Sleeping for 7 to 9 hours is recommended for an adult. According to healthline.com, fewer than 7 hours of sleep increase the risk of obesity.

So, having a good amount of sleep is beneficial in your weight loss journey. It will help you to do weight loss without exercise.

Hack #3 Drink Enough Water

Drink Enough Water

Drink Enough Water

Our body is made of approximately 60% of water. Drinking the required amount of water is very important because it helps to work body organs more properly.

Many people will think that their weight is light but they look fat why? because of bloating. Bloating occurs when we consume less amount of water.

You can lose weight by drinking water because your body retains water in itself because of the consumption of less water. So, to do weight loss without exercise drinking enough water is important. It helps us to flesh out that extra water from our bodies.

Hack #4 Have Proper Meals

Have Proper Meal

Have Proper Meal

In today’s busy world people forget about their meals. Having proper meals from time to time will give you many benefits and one of them is helping you in losing weight.

When our body has a balanced diet it gets its required nutrients these are very essential for the proper functioning of our body.

There are many food sources out there that will help you to do weight loss without exercise. So, make a proper diet plan for yourself and follow it with consistency because consistency is the key.

Hack #5 Take Less Stress

Have Proper Meal

Have Proper Meal

Stress is a very common issue in our modern world. If we ignore this it can create problems like weight gain. When we take the stress our body releases a hormone called cortisol.

A high level of cortisol can leads to overeating and can cause obesity. So, it is important to keep your cortisol level down when you want to do weight loss without exercise.

Meditation is a very good way to keep your cortisol level low. It helps you to stay relaxed and stress-free. So, start doing this and get the benefits.

Here is the video for you on how to do mediation.


Hack #6 Stop Eating Junk And Processed Food Regularly



Street foods are trendy these days because they are delicious. But there is a big drawback to this. It contains a high amount of bad fat that can cause many health diseases.

Junk food contains a high amount of calories with zero nutrients. It will only gonna give you extra calories which will make you fat and cause weight gain.

Processed foods like soft drinks, cereals, and many more are made by going through many processes. So stopping eating these foods regularly will make your lifestyle healthier and helps you to do weight loss without exercise.

Hack #7 Do Intermittent Fasting

You can lose weight by fasting, intermittent fasting is a cycle of your meal. It shows you when you should eat and when not. It is a very ancient thing people do.

People do fasting for spirituality. Religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, etc practice fasting. It will not just help you to do weight loss without exercise but give many other benefits.

There are many methods to do intermittent fasting lIke the 16/8 method, the Eat-Stop-Eat method, etc. Here is the ultimate guide to intermittent fasting.

Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

There are many benefits of intermittent fasting. It not just helps you with physical issues but also with mental issues too.

Helps You In Weight Loss

When your body is in a fasting state it starts breaking down the fat which is stored fat in your body. The stored fat in our body changes into glucose and gives us energy and you lose weight after 40 by just fasting.

When our body starts using stored fat as energy our body starts becoming thin because of fat loss. If you are fasting on regular bases it will give you huge results in fat loss and help you to do weight loss without exercise.

Lower The Insulin Level

Insulin is our body’s hormone which is created by our pancreas. It helps our body to store glucose in fat, liver, and muscles.

If your body creates more insulin it will convert it into fat which will cause obesity. High levels of insulin in our body can cause us type 2 diabetes.

When you don’t eat for a while your stop making insulin and use stored insulin. Using insulin which is stored starts lowering the level of insulin which is good for our body.

Increase Human Growth Hormone(HGH)

According to the article in the national library of medicine, Fasting increases the secretion of HGH in our body. The high amount of HGH is good for our body.

It leads our body to lose fat fast. So, increasing Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the best ways to lose weight without exercising.

Detox Your Body

Do you know why we get sick sometimes and why it is important for our body? when we get sick we start a mechanism that detoxifies our body.

But when you do fasting your digesting system gets to rest. The human body gets a chance to clean its organs by itself.

when our body detoxifies itself, our organs start working correctly, and the chances of getting any sickness become low.

Things To Remember On Your Weight Loss Journey

When you will start your journey it is required to follow some rules to make it work. Without these things, your process will become slow and you will get results slow.

So, here are the best ways to lose weight without exercising in 2022. Let’s discuss them one by one

Chew Your Food Proper

In today’s fast life people don’t eat their food properly. Eating food without chewing properly will affect your digestion.

The food will digest slowly which will affect your metabolism. If your metabolism becomes slow you will start gaining weight.

Chew your food at least 32 times, mash it properly, and eat it. By doing this you will have an idea of how much you are eating. When your food is mashed properly it will digest and give nutrients effectively

Count Your Calorie Intake

To lose weight how many calories you are eating is very important. Counting calories is a very crucial thing in your weight loss journey. If you are eating above your maintenance calories you will start gaining weight.

You can check your maintenance calories from Calculator.net. There are many mobile applications for calorie counting. You should these apps for your goals and make the right living.

Eat High Protein Diet

A high protein diet helps to control our hunger by reducing levels of ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone also known as the hunger hormone.

According to the article from the National Library Of Medicine, a high protein diet also helps in increasing metabolic rate.

A high protein diet helps you in body composition by maintaining lean muscle mass and reducing fat, and thus it is the best among the best ways to lose weight without exercising

Be In Calorie Deficit

A calorie deficit means consuming fewer calories than your maintenance calories. This is one of the best tips for weight loss without exercise. It helps you to do weight loss without exercise but you need to follow some rules.

500 fewer calories are recommended and safe for doing a healthy weight loss. Use a calorie tracking application to track your calories.  

Have A Cheat Meal



A cheat meal is any kind of meal that doesn’t follow your diet plan. It didn’t mean eating junk food or processed food it means eating what you love.

Having a cheat meal once a week or in 14 days permits you to break your strict diet plan. It gives you the motivation to follow your diet plan for a long time.

According to the article in Northern Medicines, research shows that having a cheat meal in a weak or two increases metabolism and helps to do weight loss without exercise.


Losing weight without any exercise is not a magic trick it just needs dedication and consistency. So, the best tips for weight loss without exercise like following a proper diet and some rules will help you to make the best shape of your body.

Lifestyle plays a major role in our health in this article you understand how to make a healthy lifestyle. There are many things like fasting, a high protein diet, calorie deficit is essential for your weight loss journey.

So start today your journey for your weight loss goals and keep yourself motivated until you get what you want.





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