Types Of Training In Gym

Guide To Training For Strength, Hypertrophy And Endurance

16th October 2023 | 31 Views

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To live a healthy lifestyle people will always think of exercise, workout, yoga, and many more. But there are many people who do not just want to become healthy.

Many people want to become fit, strong, or just want to look good. For achieving your perfect body, you need to train according to your goals.

When it comes to training in the gym, many people don’t know how to train. There are lots of types of training you can do in the gym.

If you want to train for hypertrophy, strength, or endurance but don’t know how then you have come to the right place.

Training For Strength


When it comes to strength building, many will think that they need to lift heavy in the gym.

Many people don’t know how to train themselves in a manner so their body becomes strong. Well, don’t worry, that’s why you are here.

It is true that for building strength you need to lift heavy, but you need to follow some essential points.

  • Do compound exercises like bench press, deadlift, and squats.
  • Select a heavy but controllable weight.
  • The weight must be heavy enough so you can do 4 to 10 reps max.
  • Do 3 to 4 sets of heavyweight.
  • Increase weight per set.
  • keep your rest time between 1 to 2 min per set.
  • Try to do exercise without the help of a spotter.
  • Don’t do reps to muscle failure. Stop when you think you can do only 3 to 4 reps more.

By following the above points you will train your body to increase strength. Compound exercises are great for strength development. Powerlifters and weightlifters do these exercises.

Never try to lift too heavy because you need to focus on doing your exercise without the help of a spotter.

In your first set select weight so you can do 10 reps max and increase weight per set, so in the last set you can do only 3 to 5 reps max.

Not doing exercise can lead to muscle failure. Exercise increases your muscle strength and helps you to become stronger.

Training For Hypertrophy

Traning for hypertrophy

Many people want to become strong, but what when they want to look lean just like a bodybuilder or want to become a bodybuilder.

Training for hypertrophy increases muscle mass and makes the body look like a Greek god. When you train yourself for hypertrophy, you need to take care of these major points.

  • Do a mixture of compound and isolation exercises.
  • Select a weight so you can do 12 to 15 reps max.
  • Increase weight per set so in the last set you can do only 8 to 10 reps max.
  • Keep rest time between sets 45 seconds to the 1-minute max.
  • Do your workout till muscle failure.
  • Take the help of a spotter for a few more reps.

By doing a mixture of compound and isolation exercises you increase the variation of the exercise. Variation is important when you are building a perfectly symmetrical body.

12 to 15 repetitions help you break muscle fibers more properly. The breakdown of more muscle fiber increases muscle hypertrophy.

Keeping your rest time small between sets helps you to maintain stress on your muscles. More stress on muscles promotes muscle growth.

Doing exercise until muscle failure is important when you train for hypertrophy. It helps to grow muscles a lot faster.

Hypertrophy training is beneficial for bodybuilders, models, or individuals who want to be in great shape.

Training For Endurance


Many people want to increase their ability to do work for a longer period of time. Increasing muscle endurance helps you to increase the time of muscle fatigue.

Endurance training is mostly done by athletes, marathoners, and professional sports players.

When you train for endurance, you need a lookout at these major points.

  • Select a moderate weight so you can do 15 to 20 reps or more.
  • Take a rest between sets of 30 to 45 seconds.
  • Do more cardiovascular exercises.

Selecting a moderate weight helps you to increase your repetition. A higher number of reps is important for endurance. Keeping rest time small between sets makes your muscles work longer.

Cardiovascular exercises increase heart rate making it strong which is the most crucial thing for endurance.


Here you learn about different goals of gymers and training according to their goal. Working out for your body is an art so you must learn how to do it correctly.

In the gym, lifting weights and doing exercise is not enough for you when you don’t know why you want to train.

So when you train yourself in a manner according to your goals, you will definitely see the results. Keeping the above points in mind will help you to become what you want.

So train yourself according to your goals and live a healthy and happy life.




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