Soul of Darkness


3rd July 2024 | 3 Views

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In shadows cast by faint lit moon,
There lies a space, a soul marooned,
A fathomless significance, a void critical,
The baffling region where fogginess is appointed.

Inside this void, secrets live,
Mumbles of fears, fears to trust,
A weaving woven with strings unnoticeable,
The soul of murkiness, a mystic sheen.

Anyway amidst the coal dark, a glimmer lights,
A blaze of trust that discreetly fights,
A blazing coal soon,
Coordinating lost spirits toward the light.

In the center of shadows, secret twists,
A material stowed away where wonder scrapes by,
For inside the dark, an enjoyment camouflaged,
In the soul of murkiness, dreams are uncovered.

So let us dive into the profundities dark,
Embrace the shadows that we’ve outgrown,
For inside the cloudiness, truth will arise,
Revealing the greatness behind secret skies.




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