Life not ands up at the breakups

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Sofia is 28 years old; she comes from a common family. Sofia and Jake have been in a relationship for over five years. Jake comes from a rich, high-class family, and she tries to change her life for him, uses make-up, wears nice clothes to match with him, reads articles to spend beautiful time with him, and does all she can. But the relationship ended with a common reason: he doesn’t want to marry her (but why?). He made the excuse that she was not the right person to marry him. His family found a rich girl to make their family business grow in the future. Sofia decided to leave the city and live her life in a different place where she could forget Jake’s memory. One day, when she misses him, she visits a coffee shop, where she meets with an old man. The old man was a famous book publisher, but Sofia doesn’t know him. The old man offered her a coffee and asked Sofia how her day had been and why she had a long face. That is how they start a conversation: the old man was impressed with Sofia’s behavior and said “If she wanted to share your pain in a book, I could publish your story”. Would you like to write a book about your relationship? Sofia said, “Can you give me some days to think about it?” The old man said “It’s ok to take your time and call me when you decide what you would like to do”. Sofia accepted the old man’s offer and became a writer. It’s been two years since her relationship ended. Now that she was a successful writer and an influencer, her broken heart made her what she was born to be.

The moral of the story is that breakups are not the end of life; they simply redirect your life to a new path or journey.

Shweta Singh



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