Does pretty privilege really exist in our world?


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Does pretty privilege really exist? It probably should. Isn’t it?

I mean who doesnt like pretty people, right? 


But is it really as much of a “privilege” as people think it is?

I have had a very pretty friend of mine but let me tell you this, guys used to trouble her a lot. They would make up stories about things happening around her , in order to gain popularity. They would tease her and trouble her non stop and this is not just one or two guys, I am talking about . Its a lot of guys. 

My own experiences have not been pleasant either. Whenever I felt like i have looked pretty I have been approached by too many people which had made me feel suffocated. I don’t think people really look for attention, do they?

Don’t people like having privacy? I’m sure they do. Do people like getting stalked? I’m sure they don’t. But is beauty so rare that beautiful people are put on a pedestal? Should it have been like that? In my opinion it shouldn’t have been like that. But why is it happening around us? 

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So basically it kind of says that beauty is not even something real, it’s just an illusion? It’s just something our mind makes up. So all of these things happen just because of our minds?


Let’s say for example, You see somebody in a romantic movie and they suddenly become attractive to you which they didn’t before just because they were in some stupid role . Basically it’s our minds that makes us like or dislike someone? So whatever we feed it , we are going to get affected by it? So may be we should be careful about what we feed our minds and senses? 

In the end everything perpetually boils down to the fact that beauty or anything in the world can be controlled by knowledge and sometimes inspite of knowing things we still go wrong?


samraggyi chetia




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