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Love’s Unrepeatable Symphony

16th October 2023 | 2 Views

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In the garden of the heart, love’s bloom,
A unique story, a rare perfume.
A dance of souls, a cosmic art,
A symphony written in every heart. 

Each love tale, a one-of-a-kind song,
In the vast galaxy where we all belong.
No two loves are ever the same,
Each one carries its distinct flame.

In your eyes, love’s secrets reside,
A universe where emotions collide.
No copy, no mimic, can ever trace,
The depth and beauty of your embrace.

Love’s tapestry, woven by fate’s hand,
In every corner of this wondrous land.
A canvas painted with colors divine,
A love like yours, forever mine.

So let love’s uniqueness brightly shine,
In your heart and in mine, for all of time.
A love so rare, it defies duplication,
A bond that’s our own, our pure foundation.

kamal talwar



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