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Granny Are You Getting Old?

Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Feb 29, 2024 @ 6:29pm 18FebUTC
Sukarma Thareja

26th October 2023 | 11 Views
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Pexels Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas 1109238My grand children often tell me” granny you are getting old”. I am listing below  #conversation between me and my grand child for reference of my #esteem readers.

 Grandchild- you are no longer our old time dear granny, you have  become different,you have  distant yourself from  many previous activities, you used to carry out regularly, sad, and lonely.

Granny-No my child I am not getting old, but  I am getting wise.

I have stopped being what others like me to become, but what I like I do.

I stopped seeking the #acceptance of others and have accepted myself.

I have left behind the #lying mirrors that deceive me #mercilessly.

 No, I’m not getting old my child.

Grand child-granny you have  just become more #selective with places, people, customs, and #ideologies.

Most of time you let go of #attachments, unnecessary pain giving activities, #toxic people, sick souls, and rotten hearts… #bitterness and unhappiness ,

 You have understood it is better to release them.

That itself has given you better health.

Yes I agree with you granny you are not getting old.

Granny-my child I’m not going to #night parties now a days, so that the same time I could spend in learning new things and heal my #insomnia.

I have stopped living old  stories and started writing new stories, I have thrown aside all #stereotypes things in my life.

I no longer use any #cosmetics now. I carry a book in my bag that beautifies my mind.

Yes my child I’m not getting old.

Grand child-you try best to carry #freshness in your soul, and remain #innocent in your heart.  I observe  everyday you discover your self.

You have become nature lover and always keep #charming smile on you face

You love to hear the #chirping of the birds that delight you and accompany you in your  morning and evening walk.

 Yes my dear granny I agree you are  not getting old.

Granny-I have  become selective in spending my time,I  rewrite story in form of #blog , which  I’ve experienced in my science research lab, told by my friends,aunts and teachers and researchers.In a way I am #rediscovering world. I am reading old books I’ve forgotten  or have read only half .

I’m becoming more cautious. I’ve stopped visiting outbursts that teach me nothing,  I’m learning to cultivate knowledge, #plant ideals, and believing in my #destiny.

Moral of story- how much science technology advance,internet come and go.Through her disciplined way of   living  Granny teach grandchildren value system unique which is rare to find in world.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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