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No in between

16th October 2023 | 2 Views

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Inspite of my weakness 

All of the wrongs 

All the miseries i caused you.

Know your stand place. 

There’s no in between 

Know exactly what you want.

Because once upon a time 

There was no in between. 

You promised me heaven and earth.

Today is hell

You are covered with doubt and confusion. 

But out of all

You can’t be in between 

For There’s no in between. 

Be in or be out.

Take a firm decision 

Think of once ago.

Why you tried in the first place.

Have a specific stand position. 

Don’t you kill your faith in love.

Rather let love kill all the doubts 

Let it bury all the anguish in your heart

But only if you are not in between 

Because there’s no in between. Img 20230608 Wa0015

Fulufhelo Magau



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