Why me Lord !!! Why me.


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Have you ever asked yourself this question? Well this is what we ask ourselves day by day. With the fears and chaos around us,we end up being frustrated and we ask ourselves alot of questions,but the most interesting that we ask ourselves frequently,is that one question of,”why me Lord!!! why me”. A thought of humanity comes to my mind saying,if not me,whom do I want to be in it? What happened to the scripture or saying of, “love your neighbour,as you love your self”.Where did it disappear to? When I realized that this shows selfishness, I stopped grumbling,I learnt to ask God to help me over come that particular challenge. This is not easy though, it takes the grace of God, not to wish it for others too,so that they feel what you feel. It’s only God’s grace.Let’s remember, there is nothing that God can’t help you overcome. The grace is sufficient,he can’t lead you,where you won’t manage to come out successfully. Lean on him he will see you through it all.

-jane sherry 🌹

N. Namagembe Jane



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