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Cricket match pt-1

16th October 2023 | 6 Views

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I had a match today,

Of cricket with a strong team.

But no one wished me good day,

Why everyone is so mean..?

The place was a bit far,

So I had to go on a car.

A call came from my friend,

Complaining, where everyone are?

I get in the car,

Thinking I am a star.

I looked for my fans

But there were only trash cans.

I reached there,

My friend said finally! You are here…

Then I got to know that, 

One person cares.

We stood on a line,

The sun above shined.

We won the toss..,

But it doesn’t meant 

That the opponent lost.

We looked so cool,

But were a fool.

We lost the match,

And get to home back.

Charu Smita



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