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16th October 2023 | 4 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: Every word in this article was written by me, I have similar articles in my other social media pages in the name/handle of Egujaredoboyd.

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From that heated passion, from that single drop

What if semens swam past me and I stopped?

Is my soul dark or is my skin a clothed curse?

What if we all were blacks right from the dust?

To my homies in the darkest corners doing ill life

If I spark them eternal light, will it cease the night?

In a parallel universe what if I’m the fake of myself

I am human, what if my other selfs see me an elf?

What if I’m a tree in Madagascar beating all odds

Earthlings what could I have done then, sue God?

-Poor Righteous Teacher-

©️ Egujaredoboyd™️

Egu Chidiebere Jared



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