Depression,can be overcome through our mind.


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Depression is a condition that many are going through,though some are silent. It’s the feeling deep inside a person’s emotions,that can’t be explained by anyone, apart from the one feeling it.A feeling of confusion and loneliness. It’s a  situation,if not handled immediately,it can slowly but surely, consume the one in it .A condition in which, darkness surrounds the person,despite being in a place filled with light.Depression!!! a condition that doesn’t segregate,young or old, we can all fall into it’s murderous hands.The most important help,we can give those around us,is to love and receive them without judgement.Remember,depression is real, and it’s a slow and deadly monster,that needs to be attacked immediately inorder to stop further damages,and the dangers it causes us. 

_Jane sherry 🌹

N. Namagembe Jane



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