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Managing Anger, Frustration and Hatred.

16th October 2023 | 24 Views

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Anxiety, frustration, anger, panic attacks and a lot more are some of the biggest issues being faced by today’s generation. Almost everybody, regardless of their age, face these issues in their lives. If we just talk about them, they doesn’t sound so serious. But, if we look at the outcomes created by those issues, they’re terrifying. And those outcomes, came from a frustrated person’s work, create more trouble for him/her. 

No worries people! I am here to share my most effective and personally used measures to deal with everyday frustration. Be ready to overcome your fear, frustration, anxiety and hatred. 

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Here are some of my personal selected measures that I use everytime whenever I get angry or frustrated or scared by anything.

BREATHING Yeah dude, I’m not kidding trust me! Okay try this yourself now… Find a comfortable place where you can sit, a sofa, a chair, or on floor. Close your eyes, straighten your back, and lower you gaze. BE COMFORTABLE. Roll back your shoulders. And bring your awareness to…  CALM, BALANCE, EASE, STILLNESS, PEACE. Breathe in for a count of 4 through your nose, slowly but at your own pace. Hold for a count of 4. Exhale for a count of 4 through your mouth. Feel the positivity going in everytime you inhale and all the negative, toxic elements going out when you exhale. Repeat for a total of 10 breathes. 

I read this breathing exercise in ‘Think Like a Monk’ by Jay Shetty and I use it everytime to calm my mind down whenever the need strikes. Even if you’re standing backstage, waiting for your turn to speak up before the crowd, feeling hell nervous, you can go for this and feel the change in your confidence level. 

MUSIC  The best remedy, best solution for a calm mind, Music has proved to be the most relaxing sound for calming down the mind. Put on your earplugs, set your favourite artist or genre, set a desired volume High enough to ignore the outside unwanted noise, lay down on your bed, near some window would be nice, and get lost in the soothing sound that your ears are experiencing. That’s a highly recommended measure for a calm mind. 

WORKING OUT  When we get angry or frustrated, our mind becomes heavier with a lot of negative energy inside it. That negative energy or negativity is not going to harm us in any way until we allow it to. It is only upto us how we use that energy. Messing up our own room, throwing everything here there, would be of no use and also it’s not gonna give you any peace. 

Instead, use that energy on your physical self. EXCERCISE! Jog on the spot, go for push-ups and pull-ups, hold up for a plank, do squats or any exercise that could use that negative energy of your brain. Imagine transforming the inside negativity into outside positive posture (physical health). It’s a matter of fact that we work out better when we’re frustrated out of something, believe it or not.

I know not every angry or frustrated situation can be overcome by out but there are some. Our body stays happier with us when we exercise and a happy body means less stress. Anger and stress will be over for sure but it’s just up to us how we’re gonna deal with it. 

Buy a punching bag if you get angry or frustrated so easily and let your punches have a nice and tough conversation with it. If you have one, that’s really not less than a treasure for you.

SILLY BUT WORTH IT   •Take a glass full of water. go to bathroom, imagine the person you’re angry on standing in front of you in bathroom, once you done imagining that person’s face, splash the whole glass on his/her face without wasting a second. If that person is right in front of you in real, it won’t be a big deal for him to change his clothes and wipe off some water from his face, trust me. No matter how cold (or hot) the atmosphere is, go for cold water.

I always do that with my brother when he teases me and I get frustrated or angry because of him, and run away immediately to my room and locks myself in…

•Take the pillow of that person (or you can take any pillow), imagine him in that pillow, and put all your frustration on it. Harder. Until you feel a bit okay…  Wanna cry out of frustration? Take a pillow again. Sit, put it on your face tight enough and scream the loudest. Cry loudest. Nobody’s gonna hear you. Put all your tears of anger on it.

•Have a glass of cool water now. This step is a ‘must-do’ step. Sit, drink the water from glass (not directly from the bottle). Drink it in three breaths with small gulps. Feel every gulp going inside your body, cooling down every deepest organ inside, ending up cooling down your brain. 
Breathe, inhale positivity and exhale negativity, slowly… Atleast thrice…

WRITING  My all time favourite exercise to beat up anxiety. ‘When your mind is anxious and racing, when your thoughts are repetitive and unproductive, when you feel like you need to press pause, take fifteen minutes to write down every thought that enters your mind…’ , Jay Shetty (Think Like A Monk).

Benefits of writing about your bad, traumatic experiences helps you render your worst experiences as a coherent narrative.
I do write about all the bad things going on in my life for like once in two days and I stay happy, smiling always (prettier sometimes)… It feels like I share my personal thoughts with somebody (my notebook) whom I can trust blindly, who knows about my everything, every feeling, every emotion… Feels like someone’s there for sure, who knows it all, like a bestfriend who will never ever betray you.


Jay Shetty taught me a wonderful lesson on this… ‘Sometimes when we feel shame or guilt for what we’ve done in the past, it’s because those actions no longer reflect our values. Now, when we look at our former selves, we don’t relate to their decisions. This is actually a good news- the reason we’re hurting over our past is because we’ve made progress. We did the best we could then, but we can do better now. What would be better than moving forward? We’re already winning. We’re already crushing it.’ 

What’s the use of being angry and frustrated for what has passed after this? 

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