When a child dies of hunger, earth is dead.


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Disclaimer from Creator: Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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How much more 

how much more is less 

they accumulate wealth 

and call themselves 

rich if the day 

with emotions far at the bay 

Or slept away 

how much more 

how much more 

they call themselves Great 

with fame on their name 

it’s all certainly not an illusion

it exists everywhere 

but how much more of earth 

you want anyway 

they shop 

they go hop hop 

they shop their way 

they don’t think twice 

on their needs 

they buy it anyway 

how much more 

how much more 

will you shop anyway 

each day counts 

in your prayer 

but you go hop hop 

to shop again 

Religion doesn’t teaches 

strong enough 

to control this havoc 


They value diamonds 

they make 

they command the make 

they wear new new 

each day 

how much more 

how much more 

will jewellery be the need 

of each day 

they don’t see the beggar 

on streets 

he is invisible 


when you go to buy diamonds 

how can you feel poverty 

any day in any way 

they wear rubies 

they call it a day 

a child is declared dead

just the other day 

this child was not far away 

from the jewels in your place 

but Anyway 

It doesn’t matter 

the child was invisible 

at the jewel’s shop 


anyway let’s run our life 

go hop hop 

market has new surprise 

no one will change 

no one is listening to you 

My words are silent 


Ekta Kalra



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