You love the Self – Say No to suicide


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Disclaimer from Creator: Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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How much I value 

a talk with me

they say I am a lonely star 

star is lonely?

in galaxy with it?

how much i smile 

when left to me 

how much I value 

my own company 

how much I grow 

from within 

with me 

I don’t talk ease here 

I talk of impossible 

turning alive 

from within 

I feel that force 

that moves me within 

you don’t see 

come spend some time 

not with me 

but your within 

how much I grow 

how long I will hold 

my guilt 

my mistakes 

that which religion 

calls sins on my way 

never accepted me 

from within 

I know religion 

failed me 

when I worshipped 

I prayed 

to the god 

not within 

for the blue sky says 

why call us 

when diamonds and pearls 

Are stored within 

I don’t want to be god 

I never will 

but what if I could remove 

my guilt 

my worthlessness 

from within 

I can move a leaf 

I can show you now 

tell me how dull 

it seems to me 

religious sound 

tears roll my eyes 

when I feel within 

to realise my guilt 

why religion I will need?

you never accepted me 

you never loved me real 

you told me to boycott self 

for me self is dear 

for me self is dear 

how else will I do 

deeds that bring shine 

in lives of many 

is due to my 

self being alive 

by my self being alive 

if I won’t love self 

Hey Plato 

then I will decay 

into nothingness 

I know how to love self 

I won’t give gold to me 


but to grow myself 


to make a difference 

is the role of life 

not when someone is dead 

And if I don’t love self enough 

how will I grow 

how will else I live 

forgive me 

let me go 

forgive me 

let me go 

I don’t need a Philosopher 

I need a practical approach 

I need a practical approach 

for these eyes have seen death 

never again 

be that day



people are committing suicide


for they don’t love self 



Ekta Kalra



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