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Life!!! Life!!! Life!!!

16th October 2023 | 8 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: My imagination.

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Life,is a mystery,with alot of unknown and unexplainable questions. Some are answered, while others are still pending. Day by day,we receive news,that either,uplifts or demoralizes us.It’s not a mistake we are leaving in this life. Infact,we should be grateful that our endeavors, and struggles as we walk this journey of life are not in vain,we are heading somewhere,for something.

Those who are no more, can’t enjoy the beauty,and mystery that life brings. Therefore,live your life with wisdom and be cautious of what’s happening around you.Guard it jelously,for it’s only given to you by the Almighty,once.

It’s a treasure, given by God, and those who still have it,should enjoy it fully,not forgetting to thank him. Remember,however high or low your life has been,never forget that,it’s just a mystery full of unexplainable things. Stay focused,pray and surrender what you can’t do to God,so that you achieve your dream and purpose in life.

-jane sherry 🌹

N. Namagembe Jane



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