Life is always right


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Disclaimer from Creator: Written by Ekta Kalra

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What if we fail 

to convince self 

the good

will we then go wrong 

will education help 

how much 

will time flow 


there was need 

so I slept 

I will change 

with a better 


just one step more 

to stop all that’s needed 

you need not do it whole 

but do little what you believe 

tomorrow you will have 

different role 

then when will you begin 

when will you begin 

time has slept 

shake yourself within 

you need to grow 

growth beyond limit 

humans intervention 

humans life is rhythm 

grow tall my self 

I need to enrol 

righteousness within 

I need to enrol 

righteousness within 

to stand straight 

under the sky 

I need to be right 

beyond defeat 

beyond defeat 

I need to enrol 

righteousness within 

Ekta Kalra



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