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Daniel LeeLast Seen: Mar 15, 2024 @ 7:58pm 19MarUTC
Daniel Lee

16th October 2023 | 8 Views

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“”The scariest anger is brewed within a kind heart.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, sir. In my life, though short comparatively to yours, the scariest anger has always been a fiery explosion. The more passion and hurt one feels, the greater the intensity.”

“Imagine for a moment this scenery. Where would you rather be? A burning forest or a forest in the dead of winter?”

“That’s hard. I don’t think I can give an answer.”

“In a burning forest, if you find yourself caught on the outskirts of the flames, you’ll likely be able to runaway and find a clearing safe from the mouth of hell. Or perhaps, you find a river or lake you could bathe in, to protect your delicate body from the searing aura the fire emits. If you are not careful, however, you will be lost and be blinded by an overwhelming smog, that will suffocate you. In a frozen forest, there is no escape. The forest is alive, hidden from your perceptions. It is thriving and will continue to thrive, regardless of your presence here. The eerie quiet and stillness you will encounter, will heighten your senses and paranoia. What was that? What was that sound? Who’s there? Nothing replies. A forest that is brimming with life does not waste its breath on you. You carefully traverse the land, making sure you do not alert anything of your presence and intrusion to the order of the forest. In your peripheral, you notice that beyond the trees, your horizon is a pure and blinding white. You forget the dangers the foreign lands present to you, and run out to explore your discoveries. You notice that there are trees on your side and trees on the other, with a large gap in between the two sides, and the gap extending past and behind the treeline on either side. You uncover the snow to reveal a river that is frozen over. A moment of repose. The monsters of the land could never taint this moment. Cool, calm, serene… silent. You bask in the beauty and cleansing light that the snow reflects. You walk on the river. You play. You rest. Then, you plunge into darkness. The river encases you. The currents of the river are still active and does not need to try hard to drag you down with it. You claw at the surface, but the snow and ice break away, being consumed by a similar fate. You are fallen through into freezing hell. Your screams are only heard within your own head. Nothing can save you, for it was your own folly that decided this destiny. It isn’t long until the sweet lullabies of goodnight whisper to you. As you fall in a great slumber, you witness what remains around you for the last time. A myriad of other unfortunate souls strewn across the riverbed sharing your same fate.”

“… I think I would choose the burning forest, sir.”

“Then the next time you find yourself there, be thankful that your voice can still be heard amongst the roaring symphony of rage.””

Daniel LeeLast Seen: Mar 15, 2024 @ 7:58pm 19MarUTC

Daniel Lee



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