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Holliday: a poem


16th October 2023 | 9 Views

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In the tapestry of time, a pause we take,
To seek the solace of a holiday’s wake.
A respite from the daily bustling strife,
A chance to savor the gift of life.

A holiday’s call, a melody of joy,
A break from routine, a chance to deploy.
To new horizons or familiar terrain,
In holiday’s embrace, we break the chain.

From tranquil shores to mountains high,
In holiday’s wonder, our spirits fly.
In the heart of nature or city’s embrace,
A holiday’s journey, a change of pace.

The sun-kissed beaches, the ocean’s lull,
In holiday’s respite, our hearts are full.
The mountains’ grandeur, a majestic view,
In holiday’s adventure, dreams come true.

The streets of old cities, history’s tale,
In holiday’s exploration, we set sail.
The cultures we embrace, the people we meet,
In holiday’s tapestry, memories sweet.

In the sanctuary of a holiday’s grace,
We find ourselves in a different place.
A chance to rest, to reflect, to dream,
In holiday’s sanctuary, we find our gleam.

So, let the holiday be your cherished friend,
A time to unwind, to mend and to mend.
In holiday’s warm embrace, we find our way,
Savoring the moments, come what may.

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