How to Make a Man Eat Out of Your Hand (6 Easy Ways)


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1-First Commandment As a heartless angel, you will not reveal any feelings to him, This includes: Don’t look for him, If he looks for you, he’ll look for him. If he doesn’t look for him, the line will move on. and if he disappears, never go after him unless it’s a boyfriend, in which case ask why he disappeared 2- second commandment: If he hesitates with you, don’t be nice, be cold, walk away and don’t pay attention to him. Only talk to him again when he shows that he regrets it and do things to make you happy and make you feel special, just don’t accept crumbs or betrayal 3- third commandment Show that you are an interesting person, have hobbies, love yourself first, go out with friends, be financially independent because this way he will see you as someone admirable 4- fourth commandment put on a show at the right time, give yourself without frills, make his fantasies come true when he deserves it, dominate him a lot, do everything with great desire and passion, and tell him everything you like and want him to do in bed and afterwards of sex disappear, and don’t send messages This way he will be confused and will look for you because you are different from the others 5- fifth commandment: If you just go out with him without commitment, make it clear that you have other options wanting you, let men comment on your photos so he can see that you are desired and if he demands loyalty, tell him that you are single, and don’t give him any satisfaction 6- sixth and final commandment: research and study various interesting topics and subjects to have a good chat, and be a pleasant person to talk to This will make him want to talk to you all the time! That’s it for today guys, if you want more tips just comment in the comments

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