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Penguin’s Reverie

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16th October 2023 | 33 Views
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In the realm of icy wonder, they thrive,

Penguins, with their tuxedoed guise,
Waddling on the frozen ground so vast,
In their world of snow, they’re unsurpassed.

Black and white, a striking attire,
In the frigid cold, they never tire.
Their flippers, like wings, not meant for flight,
Yet beneath the waves, they take delight.

The Antarctic winds, fierce and chill,
Across the ice fields, they zoom with skill.
In the land of glaciers and endless white,
Penguins gather in their own twilight.

In colonies, they huddle for warmth,
A testament to nature’s endless art.
In the harsh terrain where few survive,
Penguins thrive and continually strive.

Beneath the frozen surface, they dive,
In the depths below, they come alive.
Graceful swimmers in the icy sea,
In their liquid world, they roam carefree.

Their lives are a testament to endurance,
In the face of hardships, they find assurance.
In unity and strength, they stand tall,
Penguins, in their frozen realm enthral.

In their world of ice and pristine air,
Penguins live without a single care.
A testament to nature’s endless grace,
In their frozen home, they find their place.

So, let the penguins be a source of inspiration,
In their resilience, find your dedication.
In the frigid wonder of the southern pole,
Penguins teach us to find our own unique role.

C OneLast Seen: Dec 16, 2023 @ 1:07pm 13DecUTC

C One



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