Laziness Unmasked


3rd July 2024 | 29 Views

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In the stillness of complacency, we dwell,

Laziness’ siren song, a soothing spell.
A cozy refuge from life’s ceaseless race,
But in its clutches, dreams we efface.

The world outside, a vibrant, bustling place,
With opportunities that time will erase.
Yet within our comfort, we choose to stay,
Ignoring the call of a new day.

Procrastination, a stealthy vice,
A master of deception, in disguise.
Beneath its cloak of ease and rest,
Our potential slumbers, unexpressed.

The sun’s ascent, a daily plea,
To break free from sloth’s decree.
In the dawn’s embrace, we find the way,
To awaken from our idle sway.

With each step forward, lethargy recedes,
As we break free from its stifling needs.
In the realm of action, we discover might,
Breaking through the shroud of night.

In the dance of diligence, we find our place,
Laziness unmasked, revealed its face.
With purpose and drive, we rise above,
To fulfill our dreams, and soar like a dove.

So, let laziness be your fleeting phase,
As you break free from its paralyzing maze.
In the realm of effort, dreams reside,
Laziness unmasked, let ambition be your guide.

C One



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