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Awakening from Slumber: a poem for laziness

16th October 2023 | 19 Views

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In the depths of lethargy, where shadows reside,

Laziness slumbers, a relentless tide.
A siren’s call, tempting, so sweet,
But in its embrace, progress faces defeat.

The world outside, vibrant and alive,
Beckons us with dreams that thrive.
Yet, in the grip of sloth’s tender care,
We’re ensnared in a web, unaware.

Procrastination, a cunning guise,
Veils potential beneath a disguise.
In the realm of comfort, we take our rest,
Unaware of the dreams we’ve shelved in our chest.

The sun’s ascent, a reminder anew,
That life’s journey waits for me and you.
In the embrace of dawn’s first light,
We find the strength to take flight.

With every step, lethargy we shed,
As we rise from our slumber, the fog clears from our head.
In the face of effort, we reclaim our might,
Breaking free from the chains of the night.

In the dance of diligence, we find our way,
Awakening from slumber to greet the day.
Laziness fades, as we forge ahead,
In the pursuit of dreams, we’re truly fed.

So, let lethargy be your fleeting phase,
As you rise from the slumber’s haze.
In the realm of action, find your stride,
Awakening from laziness, let your dreams be your guide.

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