Eternal Tide’s Embrace

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3rd July 2024 | 17 Views

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Beside the vast expanse of the endless sea,

Where waves embrace the shore in perfect harmony,
I stand upon the threshold of eternity,
As the sea’s timeless dance sets my soul free.

The waves, a symphony in ceaseless motion,
Their rhythmic cadence, a soothing ocean potion.
Crashing, retreating, with ceaseless grace,
In their watery ballet, they find their place.

Seagulls paint the sky with wings of pure desire,
Their cries, a part of the coastal choir.
The salt-tinged air, a breath of life anew,
As I inhale the sea’s serenity, so true.

The seashells scattered upon the sandy bed,
Tell tales of the ocean’s secrets, widely spread.
Each one, a treasure from the depths below,
In their intricate patterns, stories they bestow.

The sun, a blazing ball of golden fire,
Sinks into the sea, a sight to inspire.
In the twilight’s glow, a tranquil sight,
I find serenity in the fading light.

In the gentle lull of the ebbing tide,
I feel a connection to life’s endless ride.
The sea, a reminder of time’s grand design,
In its depths, our stories eternally intertwine.

As I stand by this timeless, watery shore,
I’m humbled by the ocean’s ancient lore.
In its ebb and flow, desires gleam,
In the Eternal Tide’s Embrace, I dare to dream.

So, let the seashore be your endless guide,
In its beauty, your spirit opens wide.
In the arms of the sea, find your way,
By the shoreline, forever stay.

C One



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