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Seashore Serenity: a poem on Seabeach

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16th October 2023 | 23 Views
Milyin ยป 417997 ยป Seashore Serenity: a poem on Seabeach

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Upon the sandy shores, I stand,

Where the sea and land entwine like hand in hand.
The endless horizon stretches far and wide,
As I find solace by the ocean’s side.

The waves, a symphony of eternal song,
In a timeless dance, they belong.
Crashing, retreating, in rhythmic grace,
As they kiss the shoreline’s tranquil face.

Seagulls soar in the azure sky,
Their cries a part of the coastal lullaby.
Salt-scented air fills my lungs with glee,
As I breathe in the sea’s tranquility.

The seashells scattered upon the beach,
Tell stories of the tides and what they teach.
Each one, a treasure from the deep,
In their intricate designs, secrets they keep.

The sun, a radiant ball of fire,
Sets the sea ablaze in colors to admire.
In the evening’s golden, shimmering light,
I find serenity by the water’s sight.

In the gentle hush of the ebbing tide,
I feel a connection to life’s endless ride.
The sea, a reminder of the boundless unknown,
In its depths, our stories and dreams are sown.

As I stand upon this timeless shore,
I’m humbled by the ocean’s ancient lore.
In its ebb and flow, desires gleam,
In the Seashore Serenity, I dare to dream.

So, let the seashore be your sanctuary,
In its beauty, find your sanctuary.
In the rhythm of the waves, find your way,
By the seashore, forever stay.

C OneLast Seen: Dec 16, 2023 @ 1:07pm 13DecUTC

C One



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