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Disclaimer from Creator: For those who donnot about house competition:- So basically all students of a school are distributed equally into four groups and those four group are called house and each house had a particular name. Every month each house had to make charts to be put on boards on a particular topic . The house whose charts were the best was called the winner.

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Gone are the days of morning assembly,
It will never come back,
Short will stand in the  front and tall at the end,
With  blazing sun on top ,our patience would lack.

Gone are the days of break,
It will never come back,
Running in the corridor for washing our hands,
Eager to eat our snack.

Gone are the days of house competition, 
It will never come back,
Competing to win, 
Decorating the boards with unique  hack.

Gone are days of homework, 
It will never come back,
Growing  under  close observation, 
Kept our mind on track.

Gone are the days of school,
It will never come back,
First crush, first love and first friends,
Cherishing  the  memories out of our pack.
                                                 Mr. Goodwin Cluster
                                                aka Subhajit Mondal.

Subhajit Mondal



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