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Ripples of Time

16th October 2023 | 16 Views

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Along the river’s gentle flow, I stand,

Where nature and time join hand in hand.
The water’s endless journey, a timeless rhyme,
As I follow the river through the sands of time.

The river’s surface, a mirror to the sky,
Reflects the clouds as they drift on by.
The sun’s warm embrace upon the stream,
A symphony of light in a watery dream.

Beneath the surface, life’s hidden ballet,
Fish and flora in an aqueous display.
In the river’s depths, secrets abide,
As it winds through valleys, far and wide.

The riverbank, a haven for life to thrive,
Where creatures great and small come alive.
In the lush embrace of its fertile shore,
Nature’s wonders bloom forevermore.

The river’s melody, a soothing song,
As it carries memories of days long gone.
In its timeless current, stories reside,
Of ancient civilizations, of human stride.

As I trace the river’s winding course,
I feel its rhythm, its gentle force.
In its ever-changing, fluid grace,
I find a reflection of life’s endless chase.

The river’s journey, a metaphor so wise,
As it flows toward the horizon’s prize.
In its ripples and currents, I see a sign,
That life, like the river, is a timeless design.

So, let the river be your guiding stream,
As it flows through life like a waking dream.
In the ripples of time, we find our rhyme,
Along the river’s path, for all of time.

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