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Nocturnal Elegy

16th October 2023 | 9 Views

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When the sun descends beneath the world’s embrace,

And twilight yields to night’s mysterious grace,
The celestial realm begins its grand display,
In the vast expanse where stars hold sway.

Above, the heavens gleam with radiant delight,
A cosmic canvas, a breathtaking sight.
Each star a diamond in the midnight dome,
A universe’s story, an astral poem.

The moon, a guardian in the starry sea,
Bathes the world in its soft, silvery decree.
It casts its glow upon land and wave,
A lustrous pearl upon the night’s dark grave.

In the quiet of night, nature finds its voice,
A symphony of stillness where dreams rejoice.
Crickets sing with rhythmic finesse,
While owls share wisdom in the calm’s caress.

Fireflies alight like lanterns in the breeze,
Illuminating the night with gentle ease.
In the heart of darkness, secrets find their birth,
As the cosmos whispers across the vast, starlit earth.

The constellations paint their stories overhead,
Legends and myths in the night sky spread.
Orion’s belt a beacon of cosmic grace,
Guiding our dreams in the boundless space.

In this cosmic theater, I find my place,
Lost in the beauty of infinite space.
The night sky, a gateway to dreams untold,
In its depths, our inner worlds unfold.

As I gaze upon this celestial sea,
I’m reminded of the endless possibility.
In the shimmering stars, desires gleam,
In the nocturnal embrace, I dare to dream.

So, let the night sky be your guiding star,
In its brilliance, discover who you are.
In the stillness of night, find your way,
In the nocturnal elegy, forever we’ll stay.

C One



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