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Stardust Sonata

16th October 2023 | 10 Views

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Beneath the night’s dark, enchanting shroud,

Where stars ignite like candles in the crowd,
I find myself in awe, a silent reverie,
Beneath the cosmic tapestry, so grand and free.

Above, the constellations twinkle bright,
A celestial story, a celestial light.
Each star, a gem in the midnight sea,
Guiding my soul, setting my spirit free.

The moon, a luminous pearl on high,
Casting its glow across the open sky.
It bathes the world in silver grace,
A silent witness to the human race.

In the stillness of the night, nature’s choir,
Sings songs of wonder, never to tire.
Crickets serenade in rhythmic delight,
While owls share wisdom through the night.

Fireflies dance with ephemeral glee,
Painting the air with their glow, wild and free.
In the heart of darkness, secrets unfurl,
As the cosmos whispers to every dreaming world.

The city’s skyline, a constellation of dreams,
A metropolis of life, or so it seems.
Yet even here, amid the urban sprawl,
The night weaves tales that enthrall.

In the quiet of the midnight hour’s embrace,
I find myself in a celestial place.
In the tapestry of stars, desires gleam,
In the night’s symphony, I dare to dream.

So, let the night sky be your guiding star,
In its depths, find out who you are.
In the stardust of night, we all play a part,
In the cosmic sonata, let your dreams depart.

C One



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