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Celestial Reverie

16th October 2023 | 8 Views

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Beneath the velvety quilt of the night sky,

Where the stars shimmer like gems up high,
I embark on a journey of wonder and grace,
In the vast expanse of cosmic space.

Above, the celestial dome unfolds,
A tapestry of stories, ancient and bold.
Each star a beacon in the midnight sea,
Guiding me to the mysteries that await me.

The moon, a luminescent pearl on display,
Casting its silvery glow in a magical way.
It bathes the world in a soft, ethereal light,
As dreams take flight in the tranquil night.

In the quietude of darkness, the world finds reprieve,
From the daytime hustle and the worries we weave.
Nature’s lullaby, a nocturnal serenade,
As crickets and owls share the night’s escapade.

Fireflies dance in the moonlit haze,
Their bioluminescence a mesmerizing blaze.
In the heart of night, secrets unfold,
As the universe’s stories, so ancient, are told.

The constellations, a map of celestial lore,
Their patterns and tales we’ve come to adore.
Orion hunts with his starry bow,
While the Great Bear guides us where to go.

In this grand theater of the cosmic stage,
I lose myself in the wonder of the age.
The night sky, a canvas of dreams untold,
Where mysteries and beauty forever unfold.

As I gaze upon the celestial sea,
I find a reflection of what could be.
In the shimmering stars, desires gleam,
In the night sky’s embrace, I dare to dream.

So, let the night sky be your celestial guide,
In its vastness, our hearts open wide.
In the quiet of night, we find our way,
In the celestial reverie, we forever stay.

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