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16th October 2023 | 12 Views

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let the rivers flow

for the streams of life

let us be the

rain of care

you are the lover

of the never-ending rain

If i were a river

I would travel 

a lot with you.

o river, you are the

pinnacle of the

Emotions of the human mind

Sometimes your 

Roaring sound

It is the direct 

expression of

repressed sorrows 

A ceaselless flow 

Shows human lives

Sweeping away the 

Dirt and moving forward 

Shows everything to be


The calm flowing river

It looks so beautiful 

And peaceful from the outside 

But there are

many secrets

hidden under it.

O river, you are the

epitome of love and peace 

No matter how much 

I describe you, it

Will not be enough.




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