Encapsulated cloud city

23 01 20 L1000896

3rd July 2024 | 3 Views | 0 Likes

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Force the conscious mindbody
To alternate between inside and out
Shifting experience laterally
Passing from one event onward

In another, we age upwards
Flipping yet another switch
Inducing one more trance state
Bifurcating present spacetime

A bigger change beckons over
Leaving lower circuits below us
Calls to rise above the crowd
And disinherit genetic markers

Without rejecting anything
We embrace the cornucopian
Former unicorn competitors
Rivals in adversarial matters

Other people become favourites
Do away with clumsy hesitation
Ride the urge to stay steps ahead
Who are we to bring them down

Whose progress is stagnated
Who’s really skyward bound
Ascending shoulder-to-shoulider
Joined through non-local ties

Mel Vil



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