Reflecting on my Journey: Unforgettable Regrets

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In shadows cast by yesteryears, I stand,

Reflecting on the journey, life’s grand plan. Unforgettable regrets, etched in my soul,

Lessons learned, their toll has taken its toll.

I’ve walked the winding paths of my past,

Through mists of time, where memories amass. Regrets, like stones, weigh heavy on my chest,

Yet in their midst, I find a chance to rest.

For every misstep, every tear once shed,

A roadmap forged in choices, where I’ve tread. Unforgettable regrets, like stars at night,

Illuminate my path with their soft light.

I’ve stumbled, fallen, and I’ve lost my way,

But through those trials, I’ve learned to seize the day. Regrets may haunt, but they also guide my hand,

To shape a future where I’ll truly understand.

In every regret, a story lies concealed,

A chance for growth, a wound that’s slowly healed. Unforgettable regrets, I’ll carry on my quest,

With hope in my heart, I’ll face each new test.

For life’s a journey, and I’ll travel far and wide,

With unforgettable regrets, right by my side.

They’ve shaped my essence, made me who I am,

A tapestry of scars, a resilient lamb.

So let us not despair in the face of the past,

For regrets, when embraced, can help us steadfast.

In the mirror of reflection, we find our grace,

And in the tapestry of life, we leave our trace


Penny laineLast Seen: Sep 18, 2023 @ 6:52am 6SepUTC

Penny laine



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