Solitude’s Serenade: Echoes of Inner Silence


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In the quiet depths of solitude, I find my sanctuary,
A realm of contemplation, where my soul is truly free. Beneath the tranquil cloak of night, stars above ignite,
I wander through the corridors of thought, into the heart of night.

A whispering breeze through ancient trees, a lullaby it sings,
As moonlight weaves its silver threads, upon my heart it clings.
In solitude, I’m not alone, for there’s a universe within, A cosmos of emotions, where my journey does begin.

I seek no other’s company, in this sacred space I dwell, For solitude’s a trusted friend, with tales of truths to tell.
In silence, I am not afraid to face my deepest fears,
To confront the shadows of my mind, to dry my bitter tears.

Here, I find the strength to heal, to mend a wounded soul,
To gather up the shattered dreams and make myself whole.
The symphony of solitude, it plays a soothing tune,
A melody of introspection beneath the silver moon.

In solitude, I find my voice, it echoes in the night,
I pen my thoughts on parchment white, in the soft and gentle light.
I write of love, of loss, of dreams, of life’s uncertain road,
And as I spill my ink on paper, my inner world unfolds.

The solitude is not a cage, but wings that set me free, To soar above the worldly noise and be who I’m meant to be.
I find my purpose, my direction, in the stillness of my mind,
And from this tranquil solitude, my spirit’s truly defined.

So, let me linger here awhile, in this solitude divine, Where the universe and I align, in a dance of space and time.
For in the quiet depths of solitude, I find my inner light,
A beacon in the darkest night, a sanctuary so right.

Penny laine



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